Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swell The Locals Break ~ Virginia Beach

Cuisine:  American, Seafood, Pizza and Sandwiches
Restaurant Features:  On site Parking, Bar, Indoor and Outdoor Dining

Location:  Virginia Beach
Address:  2181 Upton Drive, Suite 400
Phone:  (757) 689-3340
Tues - Fri:10:58 am-1:58 am
Sat:6:58 am-1:58 am
Sun:7:58 am-1:58 am

Atmosphere:  Swell is decorated in colors and the decor is most definitely a beach atmosphere.  They have a lot of surfboards and surfing pictures.  You can choose to sit in the main area which has a bar in it or an area off to the side where there is no bar.  You can also be seated outside which is like a covered deck area.  It is a really fun atmosphere.  This is not the kind of bar that a family can't eat in at least in the daytime.

Breakfast:  I am assuming the usual breakfast items, however since I went for lunch I really don't know.  I will update this when I do go for breakfast.

Appetizers:  Lumpia, wings, tuna bites, crabby bites, cheese fries, cheese sticks, hot spinach and artichoke dip, nachos, potato, skins, fried portabella mushrooms, calamari, pepperoni bread.

Soups:  Soup of the day.

Salads:  Local chop salad, caesar salad,mandarin chicken salad and greek salad.

Entrees:  Swell offers a huge selection of entrees such as shrimp scampi, fried shrimp, new york strip steak, fried flounder, chicken breast, grilled salmon, fresh catch and a combo platter.  They also offer a veggie pasta and a island pasta.

Hamburgers:  Cheeseburger,  crab topped cheeseburger, bacon cheese burger, mushroom and swiss burger and a fried egg topped burger.

Sandwiches:  Cheese steak, pork BBQ, tuna club, chicken breast, crab cake, asian chicken wrap, turkey burger, chicken caesar wrap, cuban panini and fish sandwich.

Pizza:  Cheese pizza, island style pizza, grilled chicken pizza, pork BBQ pizza, veggie pizza, or choose your own.
Desserts:  Smoothies, cheesecake roll, apple pie ala mode, bread pudding, chocolate lava cake, brownie sundae and kids sundae.

Breakfast:  Will update
Appetizers ~ $4.99 - $9.49
Soups ~ $4.99
Salads ~ $7.49 - $8.99
Burgers ~ $7.99 - $9.99
Sandwiches ~ $7.99 - $9.99
Pizza ~ $9.49 - $14.99
Entrees  ~ $10.99 - $18.99
Kids Meals:  $3.99
Desserts ~ $.99 - $5.99

What we ordered:  This was our first visit to Swell so my husband being the Cheeseburger lover he is ordered a Kahuna Cheeseburger and fries and I ordered the fried shrimp with a side salad and mac & cheese.  When I received my salad I thought, Wow, what a huge side salad. The salad was a wonderful start to the meal.  It tasted and looked fresh and came with tomatoes, green pepper, onion, cheese and croutons. Next came the meals and I noticed right away how much cheese was on the mac and cheese.  I like a lot of cheese on my mac and cheese and this fit the bill.  There were 8 large shrimp that were fresh and dipped in panko and fried.  They were delicious.  The cheeseburger my husband ordered was huge.  I would say 1/2 pound.  It was perfectly cooked and so were the fries.  Everything was hot and made to order.  It was a great meal. 

Service:  The service was good.  We were greeted by the hostess about a minute after we walked in. She asked us where we would like to sit and we chose to sit outside of  the bar area.  We were seated for just a few seconds and the waitress took the drink orders and brought them quickly. She gave us time and space to make up our mind on our lunch and came back to get the orders.  She was very polite and personable.  All in all it was a pleasant surprise.

Overall Impression:  I will definitely go back.  I can only say one bad thing about Swell and that is that they don't make their sweet tea fresh. I think it may be nestea. Other than that, it was a perfect dining experience.

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